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Overpressure may not occur when the air pressure test
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Pressure tests should be monitored and monitoring changes in ambient temperature gauge readings shall occur overpressure.

Interpretation: This section is based on the side of a 1998 GB 5 "spherical tanks (cryogenic tanks) construction and acceptance," written in Article 8.1.

When the gas pressure test because the music will be N as the ambient temperature increases, the dry umbrella overpressure caused by security incidents, so the "music test when the government closed the gas measuring and monitoring changes in ambient temperature gauge readings, one may occur overpressure "mandatory requirements set pieces provisions. Government strictly enforced.

Measures and checks: construction unit arranged at any time during pressure testing personnel to monitor changes in ambient temperature and pressure readings Agriculture

Supervisors should supervise and inspect the site.

Judgment: should not occur over ratio.

Design drawings require spherical tank tightness test should be carried out after passing the test hydraulic tightness test.

Interpretation: This section is 4-19984 spherical tank facilities] According to GB 5 coffee: A Acceptance "Section 8.2 written.

Ding Yan in place to ensure safe storage of spherical gas leak and run occurred during m. "Spherical tank design drawings require tightness test should be carried out after passing the test hydraulic leak test" should be strictly enforced.

Action: If the pattern provides for air tightness test, passing the test should be conducted after the hydraulic tightness test.

GB 50094-1998 (spherical tank construction and acceptance of "Section 8.2.7 provides that" the provisions of the design drawings tank pressure test, leak test can be carried out simultaneously with the pressure test. "

Check: Supervision Unit to deal with tightness test conducted on-site supervision and inspection.