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Liquefied petroleum gas cylinder explosion several countermeasures
- Dec 13, 2017 -

Liquefied petroleum gas cylinder explosion several countermeasures

1, the selection of good quality gas cylinders are safe to use the premise, the gas cylinder is a special pressure vessel, the design and manufacture of inspection must comply with "Special Equipment Safety Law" and "gas cylinder safety technology supervision regulations," so users in the use of cylinders First of all, we must look for cylinders whether there are local special equipment inspection agency inscriptions and marks. The company is located in:

2, widely publicize and create an atmosphere to enhance the popularity of user-related knowledge and improve their safety awareness, which is necessary to ensure the safety of cylinders. Relevant units such as fire prevention, filling stations, ventilation points and other departments should step up publicity to allow users to understand whether their use of gas cylinders are qualified cylinders, whether in the inspection cycle; use should pay attention to those issues, how accidents Processing and so on. The company is located in:

3, to strengthen the safety management of gas cylinder filling station is to ensure the safety of a powerful measure to use, from the cylinder accident has occurred because of the main reason is unlicensed cylinder filling, overfilling or overfilling caused by filling, So grabbed the safety management of the filling station to control overfilled overfilled, equal to eliminate a key safety hazard with the cylinder.