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How to deal with the old liquefied gas cylinder
- Nov 14, 2017 -

How to deal with the old liquefied gas cylinder

For used liquefied gas cylinders, the gas cylinders should be sent to the gas company's inspection station for inspection. If it is an expired or over-liquefied gas cylinder, the inspection station will destructively deal with them and return them to the owner.

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Liquefied gas cylinders are used for a maximum of 15 years and must be tested every 4 years. In the case of expired or over-liquefied gas cylinders, they should be sent to the inspection station for destructive treatment prior to being sold to the recyclers .

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Liquefied gas cylinders printed on the steel code, above the production date, brand name and other information. Seized gas cylinder first look at the production date, if after 15 years, no matter how good custody have to scrapped. If the gas cylinder is not expired, remove the gas valve for ignition and remove residual liquid from the bottle. After burning, professionals check bottle corrosion to a certain extent, but also for scrapped. Cylinder thickness is generally 3.0-3.2 mm, if the corrosion exceeds 0.8 mm, it is necessary to scrap.

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If the untreated liquefied gas cylinders sold directly to the waste products, it is likely to lead to potential safety problems. Therefore, it is recommended to sell liquefied gas cylinders, take a look at the gas cylinders are still within the eligibility period, if it has expired or more serious corrosion, please try to be sent to the gas station to eliminate residual liquid bottle, crushed cylinders Re-sell to waste recycling station.

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